Patient’s reminder

Patient’s reminder


In accordance with Article 58 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the Health of the People and the Health System", the Patient Support and Internal Control Service is organized in the city rheumatological center.

If YOU MADE WITH PROBLEMS related to the order and quality of medical care, contact the Patient Support Service.
Experts of the service will promptly respond to your request and will help to solve the problem in accordance with the Rules of medical care.

Telephones of trust: 8 (727) 233-19-23 (before 5.00 p.m.) 7 (708) 983-29-15 (round the clock)

Also you can address any question by phone to the trust or to the Patient Support and Internal Control Service, write an appeal and send it to our website or to the page "City Rheumatology Center" in the social network Facebook.

We will be grateful to you for your messages, comments and wishes that will help us improve the quality of medical care in our clinic.

Also, you can use the services of the 24-hour Patient Support Center in Almaty by calling 3000-103 in the Unified Medical Call Center! The call is free!

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